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White Fish and Prawn Fish Cakes

White Fish and Prawn Fish Cakes

 Prep.Time: 30-40 min
 Cook.Time: 10 min
 Difficulty: Easy
 Serves: 4


 Mixing Bowl
 3 Shallow Dishes
 (for egg, flour & breadcrumbs)
 Frying Pan
 Fish Slice or Spatula


 450g/1lb Cooked White Fish
 120g/6oz Prawns
 350g/12oz Mashed Potatoes
 125g/4oz Fresh Breadcrumbs
 2 Heaped Tbsps Plain Flour
 2 Eggs
 Knob of Butter
 Bunch of Coriander
 Oil for Frying
 Black Pepper


Peel and boil potatoes until soft.
Steam the fish over the potatoes.
When boiled, drain and mash the potatoes using a little butter.
Break up fish into approximately 1cm / ½” pieces.
Allow both to cool.
Mix together the fish and potato.
Cut prawns into 1cm / ½” pieces.
Chop coriander finely.
Add coriander, prawns and pepper to fish mixture and mix well.
Beat eggs in a separate bowl.
Add enough egg to bind the mixture together and make it mouldable.
Shape mixture into 8 balls and flatten to 2cm/1” with a fish slice.
Coat each cake with flour then with beaten egg.
Cover well with breadcrumbs.
Fry the cakes until they are brown on both sides.
Serve with salad or seasonal vegetables.

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